Digital Skills Partnership

Digital Skills Partnership

The Digital Skills Partnership was created by ScotlandIS and funded by Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish funding Council to connect industry with colleges and universities to meet the rapidly growing and changing skills needs of the digital economy.  The project has now come to a natural end and this website will shortly be updated with the learnings of the last three years.
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Digital Skills Partnership

Scotland has a vibrant and expanding digital technologies industry and significant potential to grow this further. With skills already in short supply, Scotland needs to grow the number of people with high quality computer science and digital technology skills significantly, to drive innovation, productivity and growth.

The Digital Skills Partnership is an ambitious ScotlandIS initiative, supported by Skills Development Scotland and Scottish Funding Council, bringing together industry, colleges and universities to build industry-relevant curriculum materials and empower students with exposure to up to date working practices.

Our mission is to connect colleges and universities with digital technology companies to meet the rapidly growing and changing skills requirements of the digital industry. By connecting technology companies with those training future employees and talent, we ensure that the needs of industry are met.

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Members who have attended DSP industry current practice events have stated that they would:

“Encourage students to engage in volunteering activities, as suggested by speaker from Mozilla.”

University of the West of Scotland

“Introduce code review processes in to my teaching”

Glasgow Clyde College
“Integrate security aspects in to teaching from day one of the course.”
Edinburgh College

“Set up a UX activity day for students”

New College Lanarkshire

“Introduce the teaching of Python at undergraduate level, as this is the preferred language for machine learning development”

University of Dundee

“Use real life examples from the events to illustrate learning points in lectures”

University West of Scotland


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